Miss Piggy Enters the Conversation

When I first started working on this piece I imagined it as a fairly serious piece where Sita, Loowit and Gaia are in conversation with one another about the earth. However, I soon realized that humor has a central place in my work – as a way to draw audiences in, and also as a way to not become too earnest and dogmatic. It reminds me to not take myself too seriously!

So when I chanced upon a pig mask at the MoMA, New York, I knew it was a sign – at least, I made myself believe that it was! I have always been interested in having a non-human voice be a part of this work – and originally it was going to be a frog (who will also be appearing in my Sitayana project). However, here the frog appears in absentia (as Kermit, Miss Piggy’s unrequited love). And Miss Piggy becomes the channel for a conversation with Sita, Loowit and Gaia – through a dream!

Here are some images from the shoot for that dream sequence:

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I Want To Ride My Bicycle

The birth of the bicycle powered battery that will charge the cameras and the computers used in the creation of Hand Spun Tales! It takes 35 hours of bicycling to power up that battery 100% – anyone want to volunteer?

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Processing Process: A Conversation with Julie Dalley

Julie: Hi!

Anuj: What a morning! Not quite what I was hoping for on my first camping trip of the year! Should we video first and figure out the best way of doing this?

Julie: Oh that’s right, you’re camping. Yes, not ideal, but very “survivalist” right? :)

Anuj: indeed

Anuj: Call ended – no answer

Julie: Oops! Sorry. I’ll call. Hit the wrong button.

Julie: Call started, 2 minutes 50 seconds

Anuj: Call ended, 2 minutes 50 seconds

Anuj: oops – sorry, did you have a question?

Julie: There we go! So, one thread I wanted to pick up was about the short film project. I first wanted to understand the shift the project underwent, and the material and human resource factors that influenced that shift. This may feel repetitive, but I had a follow up conversation with another colleague and the same theme came up about how we gather community support for projects such as these, really worthy and important projects, and what stands in the way.

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