This project is a collaboration between various individuals, programs and departments on the MSU campus and beyond.

The project began as a collaboration between Prof. Ashwin Vaidya (Physics) and myself as a way to explore ideas of creativity and sustainability in both art and science. More information on Prof. Vaidya and his work is available at:

Another co-dreamer on this project has been fellow-artist, educator and meanderer, Holen Sabrina Kahn. Thank you Holen for introducing me to Loowit! You can find more information on her current project at:

I would like to offer special thanks to my colleagues at MSU, who have been very generous with their networks, time, advice and assistance in making this project happen, and for connecting me to the eager students here at MSU. They include:

Fawzia Afzal-Khan (English, Women and Gender Studies)

Neil Baldwin (Theater and Dance, Creative Research Center)

Julie Dalley (Research Academy for University Learning)

David Galef (English, Creative Writing)

Alexios Lykidis (English, Film Studies)

Joanna Madloch (Mythology, Classics and General Humanities)

Mika Munakata (Mathematical Sciences)


Karl Nussbaum (Film Production)


Student participants include:

Dorothy Alburo, Researcher

Andrea Claudio, Makeup

Mike Deering, Musician (Guitar/Percussion)

Nina DeGori, Performer (Gaia)

Jessica Marrazzo, Costumes

Chelsea Miele, Filmmaker

Aryana Sedarati, Performer (Interviewer)

Monika Szumist, Musician/Perfomer (Flute/Loowit)

Jason Weinstein, Musician (Double Bass)

Teodora Zigik, Researcher


Special thanks to the following individuals for their participation in the project:

Poonam Aier, Performer

Sahana Vaidya, Performer

Sanya Vaidya, Performer

Shruti Ramachandran, Performer (Sita)

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